Wire EDM for Precise Aerospace Components Manufacturing

Over the years, wire EDM has been widely used within just about every industry where metal cutting is required. When it comes to the aerospace industry, extreme precision must be taken into consideration to minimize as many errors as possible. This is due to the fact that even the slightest miscalculation can cause a series of catastrophic disasters.

In essence, when aerospace components are manufactured, they must be done according to specific and potentially rigid requirements. So, when you visit CAM Tech, you’re going to be provided with a series of different EDM drilling services and wire EDM machining services for a wide array of aerospace uses. Any parts requested will exceed even the highest industry standards as well as the dimensional accuracy required.

Successful Wire EDM Aerospace Applications

EDM technology has been employed for a number of decades and it ensures that high temperature and high-stress parts are accurately crafted for consistent and reliable operation. Wire EDM has been used to create fuel systems, engine systems, turbine blades, advanced weapon systems, and even various landing gear components.

In order to facilitate the demand for accuracy, manufacturers have clamped down on their specification requirements. This just simply means that in order to ensure the very best produced parts, they may have used secondary processing which occurs post-EDM. Some of these processes include chemical etching and mechanical etching or even both if need be.

Due to the continued advancement in wire EDM technology, the overall EDM process has been significantly tested and improved to ensure that surface integrity remains within tolerances as well. As a result, aerospace manufacturers can now easily use wire EDM in the manufacturing of a variety of components that could not be manufactured before. In essence, the use of secondary operations in machining can now easily be reduced or eliminated. Hence, the overall cost is significantly less, and the processing and delivery times have also decreased.

When you use wire EDM, you’re going to be able to experience the technological advancement of CAD/CAM programming. Any parts required within the aerospace manufacturing process will be made to the exact specs as desired by our customers. Even if some parts are of an intricate nature, they can be processed with efficiency via wire EDM processes.

Perfection With Required Metals

With the wire EDM process, various aerospace materials such as titanium, nickel, aluminum, and other stainless-steel alloys can easily be handled. Other conductive materials such as scandium, Kovar, Inconel, Invar, and niobium can also be processed via wire EDM technologies. It’s also possible to fashion exotic metals and high-temperature alloys into a variety of different parts.

With the great flexibility that can be achieved to meet the rigid requirements of aerospace manufacturing, wire EDM technology is perfectly suited to the task. Wire EDM can be used on many of the important metals used in the industry. This reduces the need for secondary processing and cuts down on the costs. So, if you’re looking for a perfect fit with improved manufacturing efficiency, wire EDM is an excellent solution for your requirements.

Be sure to contact us here at CAM Tech, Inc. We are happy to discuss your project and demonstrate how wire EDM can benefit your manufacturing requirements.