CAM Tech Receives Muskego 2023 Business of the Year Award

CAM Tech Receives Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce 2023 Business of the Year Award

CAM Tech’s journey began over two decades ago, founded on principles of quality and reliability. In 2020, Joseph Kreuser took the helm, infusing the business with fresh energy while preserving its rich heritage.

As a second-generation family enterprise, CAM Tech carries forward a tradition of excellence, fueling growth and adaptation in a dynamic marketplace. Since its relocation to Muskego’s Industrial Park in 2011, CAM Tech has been a cornerstone of the local business landscape.

At the heart of this recognition lies Joseph Kreuser, whose dedication to the Chamber’s mission of supporting local and small businesses is truly remarkable.

What sets Joe apart is his proactive involvement in initiatives that benefit the community, even when his own business doesn’t directly profit. His motivation? Simply put, a genuine desire to see his community flourish.

But it’s not just about words and ideas—Joe is a man of action. His deep-rooted community awareness drives him to generously donate his time, efforts, and resources to numerous organizations, startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Through mentorship and support, he’s nurturing the next generation of business leaders, ensuring a brighter future for all.

This award isn’t just a token of appreciation; it’s a testament to the profound impact CAM Tech, Inc. and Joe have had on the Muskego Chamber of Commerce and the broader business community. The unwavering commitment to building a strong, interconnected network of businesses exemplifies the true spirit of community.

Community Champions

Beyond industrial prowess, CAM Tech stands tall as a beacon of community support and engagement. Joe’s passion for Muskego extends far beyond the confines of his business premises.

CAM Tech proudly sponsors many of local initiatives, from the Muskego Chamber of Commerce to the vibrant Jammin’ in the Park (Formerly known as Jammin’ on Janesville) festival. Moreover, their collaboration with Muskego High School’s Connect Academy exemplifies a commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent, offering invaluable internship opportunities to students.

As a small company that works in a bunch of different fields, CAM Tech can still do cool prototype projects and handle large production runs.

Most people expect the sales to go up when they join a chamber of commerce. It’s a good thing, right? But in some industries, it’s not that straightforward. Being part of the Chamber and getting involved in its activities, like sitting on the Board of Directors or joining committees, has taught CAM Tech something important: the power of personal connections.

The company learns a lot from others in the business community and applies it to their own work. This could be anything from saving money, to better hiring practices, or getting referrals through word of mouth—stuff that they learned for being part of the Chamber.

Celebrating CAM Tech, Inc.

In celebrating CAM Tech, Inc., let’s also celebrate the spirit of community itself—the idea that success is not just measured in profits but in the positive influence on those around us. Let’s also take a moment to reflect on our own roles within our communities and how we, too, can contribute to their growth and vitality. After all, it’s in coming together and supporting one another that we truly thrive.

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