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The Major Advantages of Creating Prototypes Using Wire EDM

Wire electrical discharge machining is the perfect choice for turning research and development efforts into reality. Months or years of research is often used as the foundation for the creation of new prototypes. Considering the large amount of time and capital required to create a blueprint for these new projects, it’s crucial that any prototype created reflects all of the intricate details outlined in the original design. Here are some of the major reasons why wire EDM is one of the only ways to ensure that any model you create is as close as possible to original specifications.

Extreme Precision and Accuracy

Wire EDM is the tried and tested method for creating intricate, delicate, and technical components when cutting conductive metals. Other types of machining often require the client to accept a certain degree of error in the final product, but this is not the case with EDM. Experts that use electrical discharge machining understand the importance of every fine detail when it comes to their clients. Certain prototypes won’t work as intended if a small crevice or curve is not implemented at the correct angle or measurement.

Most metrics show that using this type of discharge machining yields accuracy at rates better than 99.99% when compared to original specs. Furthermore, many find that highly technical procedures such as internal cutting maneuvers are only possible through using wire discharge machining. Almost all metrics are unmatched in terms of precision and accuracy with this type of machining. Hence, EDM should be the first choice for anyone requiring the most definitive prototype possible.

(Note the photo above… We received the opportunity to cut this prototype because a company that does laser cutting could not cut the 2nd circle on the right without breaking through the outside edge. They tried and failed numerous times.)

High Efficiency and Quick Turnaround

Many clients find the quick turnaround time of creating prototypes using wire EDM is perfect for meeting deadlines for investor and stakeholder presentations and meetings. Most businesses that require prototyping services follow a very tight schedule as they usually rely on developing presentable models of future products to investors in short time frames. Out of all of the possible options for manufacturing, wire EDM has the quickest rates of turnaround without compromising a single percentage point in terms of accuracy.

The high levels of efficiency are achieved through the inherent nature of electrical discharge machining, such as the fact that it requires minimal tooling procedures. Many other production methods used for prototypes follow old and clunky procedures that require lots of time for setup. In comparison, wire EDM is a cutting-edge technology that allows for minimal setup. In turn, the turnaround times experienced by using this type of tech is extremely fast.

Use Reliable Wire EDM for Prototypes

Two of the most essential metrics for companies interested in prototype manufacturing, accuracy and efficiency, are met to the highest degree when using wire EDM. Accuracy and precision ensure that the final model has degrees of accuracy that are virtually error-free when compared to original designs and blueprints. Furthermore, in order to meet strict deadlines and schedules, this type of machining ensures prototypes are made as quickly as possible without any compromise in precision. Overall, wire EDM should be the first and only choice for any prototyping needs.