Benefits of Properly Maintaining Wire EDM Machines

Here at CAM Tech Inc., we understand the importance of maintaining our wire EDM Machines. To ensure that we achieve the ultimate level of productivity and consistency from our equipment, we follow an intensive preventive maintenance schedule. In this article we take a closer look at the importance of this regular task.

Over the past years, wire EDM has become highly refined and has become a standard process that is relied on for a number of important results. The evolution in the capacity and performance of an EDM machine continues to evolve today. Today’s super-modern wire EDM machines are especially designed for improved speed, accuracy, and finishing.

The progress made in increasing the speed of machining has done much to reduce the cycle time. It has also increased the repeatable accuracy of the process. Modern EDM machines are capable of impressive precision. Our wire EDM machines are capable of impressive precision and can even thread wires with diameters down to 0.004 inches through holes so small you might need a magnifying glass to see clearly.

However, this accuracy does not happen all by itself. In order to maintain precision throughout the machining processes, we must perform maintenance regularly and exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Proactively Maintaining Wire EDM Machines

Wire EDM can be considered a maintenance-intensive machine. If this task is not handled properly the results could include loss of resources and considerable downtime. Without regularly addressing the conditions of our wire EDM machines, our perfect speeds, accuracies, and finishes would not be possible.

It is important for us to pay special attention to components that are more likely to suffer excessive strain which need to be addressed and cleaned more frequently. Because wire EDM is an electro-mechanical appliance, if these vital components are not addressed promptly, performance will suffer and eventually the entire functionality of the device could be compromised.

We are proactive in conducting maintenance with all of our equipment, especially our critical machines that you count on to deliver quality results. It is essential that all potential problems are avoided to ensure that there will be no instances of substandard performance of operations. By staying proactive we prevent the types of problems that would otherwise jeopardize your project through inaccuracy or delay.

Furthermore, the cleaner we keep each machine, the less likelihood there is for unsuspected problems to arise. That keeps us efficient which is another benefit to you and your project.

As you can guess by the few maintenance aspects addressed here, there are many activities we must take care of to keep our wire EDM machines in top condition. With the combination of short-term and long-term strategies, we offer the best in productivity and reliability so that we can deliver what you need when you need it.