Wire EDM, in some cases identified as WEDM, can be described as variety of machining that is completed using a thin wire that is able to cut in any X,Y,U,V direction. EDM is an acronym for “electric discharge machining.” This kind of machining can cut any materials that conduct electrical current, whether it’s a hard or soft material. The thing that makes this special is the fact that wire EDM can cut without contact, and produces a burr-free finish. The particular type of wire that is used is incredibly thin, consequently allowing for very narrow slots or even small radius cuts in corners.

The wire never touches the piece being cut, as a result of this fact, there aren’t any cutting forces. Because of this it is possible to cut extremely thin items and to make extremely precise cuts without causing breakage. Wire EDM has been around the industry for nearly fifty years now in a variety of forms.

For Your Wisconsin WEDM Needs

CAM Tech, Inc. started in 1996 to serve the wire EDM needs for Wisconsin. At the time we had a single EDM wire machine and a dedication to providing the best quality and service possible. Now we are a growing facility with 12 high-speed wire EDMs, 2 EDM micro hole drilling stations, and 6,000 newly added square feet of shop space for expansion.

We continue to work very closely with our customers, providing quick turnaround while maintaining a high quality standards. However, we are now large enough to tackle large production and contract jobs. We take pride in aiding our customers through every phase of the project – from prototyping to production runs. We will work with you and your schedule, and we have the ability to run 24/7.

If you are looking for WEDM in Wisconsin, contact us for more information.